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Reports that 70% of vacuum cleaners have a design that prevents their repair

The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has denounced that the design of 70% of vacuum cleaners is an “insurmountable obstacle” for its repair and has also requested that the price of spare parts be lowered so that the arrangements are an option compared to The purchase of a new appliance.

After studying forty models of vacuum cleaners, OCU has asked manufacturers to lower the “high prices” of the parts compared to the “relatively low” prices of the appliances in order to make it an effective option.

It has also concluded that the wearing down of the carbon brushes included in the engine is the main problem detected in the tests of durability that the OCU regularly makes the vacuum cleaners.

Among the models examined, the design has been assessed for easy dismantling or includes standard parts that can be fixed with universal tools, accessibility to information relevant to the repairer, or availability of spare parts.


According to the gosureviews.com, models such as those of Bosch or Siemens are the easiest to repair and those that offer more and better information about its design and the way in which parts can be replaced. In addition, they offer ten years of spare parts availability at European level.

On the contrary, the Nilfisk brand is very complicated to repair by containing fragile parts that break during disassembly, as do those of Dyson, since the user can only repair his defective vacuum cleaner at his official service.

As for the policy of brands with respect to spare parts, most manufacturers offer a period of five years (the minimum required by law), although some brands such as OK from Mediamarkt, Kunft from Worten or Selecline from Alcampo do not Have provided no information on the availability of spare parts after the warranty period.

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