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Keys to designing a garden

A few weeks ago, in the interview couch blog he made me, asked me to share with you small clues on how to deal with the task of designing something as personal as your garden.

Therefore, during these weeks I will share with you reflections and advice so that you can organize an outdoor space according to your requirements, whether in a single-family home, terrace, attic or a small gallery. Every corner is good to start working in our garden designer melbourne.

Let me start by talking about two essential concepts and two examples of contrasting gardens. The idea is that even if there exist different models of gardens, you can acquire strategies to reflect on them understanding what qualities each contribute to the landscaping project.

For this, as I said, it is imperative to understand that:

  1. Every garden project needs a global project. Even if it is built in several years, small modifications or changes in the initial project appear.
  2. The design of a garden is based on one or more concepts in which the landscapers melbourne and its relationship with the environment, plasticity, nuances, senses or scenography determine how to act on it. To do this we must educate the senses to decipher each type that gives us when inhabiting the garden.

In this case I chose two very different types, the garden of perennials and the Grenadian “Carmen” as a paradigm of the Mediterranean garden.

The perennial gardens are gardens of dry meadow and vivacious plant that work with the subtle idea of the natural landscape like independent garden. They tell us about wild gardens where nature is more beautiful when less manipulated, less dominated. Although the truth is that they are gardens that require the care and care of a master gardener who understands the plant and its relationship with the rest of the garden. In this sense designing a perennial garden does not consist exclusively in the choice and planting of the species, but it entails a rigorous care throughout the year. I know that there are numerous dry meadows with almost nonexistent care, but when we talk about the private garden and an interesting selection of perennials, intensive care from my point of view is imperative.

In contrast the Mediterranean garden is configured differently. Beyond the choice of the plant, its care or climate, what really differentiates one other type of garden is the concept of landscape built vs landscape introduced. The Mediterranean garden has historically been characterized by a manipulated garden that has built a new scenery within the dwelling. They are gardens in which the main elements, such as the use of water sheets, fountains, shade trees, aromas, etc. Have the function of improving the habitability of space, sometimes created subtle atmospheres between the interior and exterior. The paradigm of this type of gardens we have in the Carmenes, gardens that place their vegetation in the limits, creating shady and thermally pleasant spaces, where shrub beds more or less trimmed, logical geometries and the use of artificial elements form a New scenery On the contrary the perennial garden functions as a cut of native landscape and introduces the surrounding nature in the home. They are autonomous gardens, that although being artificial pretend to maintain the essence of the natural like beautiful. Of course these gardens are also set around flower beds and geometries, but their way of relating to the landscape is different. The look is different.

As I see it, reading each typology and understanding how they work, is the first project tool to design a complex and interesting garden.


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