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How do fryers work without oil? We tried the Design and appearance of Airis Fry

Since the first machines that promised to fry without oil appeared more than four years ago, my intrigue towards these devices has only grown. It is not that I am a declared “fry” fan and fried precooked, but I found it interesting that of fry without oil and making the process cleaner and healthier.

To my fortune, I have had the opportunity to test a unit Airis Fry and find out first hand what such fryers operate without oil , if they are true all the benefits advertised and whether or not worth having one in the kitchen. Quieres leer todo el artículo?

Design and appearance of the Airis Fry

The design and appearance of the Airis Fry is very similar to that of other similar fryers, such as Philips Air Fryer , which hardly distinguished by the location of the controls.


It is a device with an attractive design, glossy plastic, but it occupies a negligible volume on the kitchen counter , but not much more than a conventional fryer. Of course, as we will see later, it is much cleaner to use and maintain.

In addition to the two control wheels that are seen on the front, where we handle the temperature and the cooking time, the fryer includes a small container in which we must place the ingredients. This container also has a small removable basket for convenience when loading and removing food.

Friendo without oil

Fry without oil can not be easier , because in reality these fryers are not much more than miniature ovens, combining the action of a grill with hot air circulating at high speed. So, we simply have to select the desired temperature and time and let it do its magic.


Cooking times vary depending on product type and size, being in some cases advisable to briefly shake the basket in the middle of “frying”, while in others is well add a few drops of oil to the process. In the instructions we find the approximate times for each type of food, around the majority between 10 and 15 minutes, and usually coinciding with the times indicated in the bag for the preparation in the oven, with the advantage that no need Wait for it to warm up and, as we shall see, the result is more satisfactory.

Another highlight is the cleanliness . No splashes, no fumes, no smells, no dirty oils or anything. You just have to wipe it and scrub the basket from time to time. Nor should we forget safety (there is no risk of splash burn) and the savings of not using oil every time we want to fry some potatoes, as well as the fact that cooking without fat provides an extra healthy.

How about the fried without oil?

This is the million dollar question: How are fried without oil? Well, although I will tell you my different tests, they are generally quite well, especially emphasizing that we avoid that unpleasant oily feeling inevitable when frying conventionally. In return, perhaps we lose a point of crisp and another point of the flavor that the oil brings. But let us go to the tangible.


To test the fryers without oil I decided to go through the frozen section of the supermarket and get some of everything: crab muslitos, fries of various types, empanadillas, croquettes and chicken nuggets. Most included the option of baking, except croquettes.

Depending on the type of food and the cooking time, I prepared them in different batches. First the tuna dumplings and the sea muslitos, then the chicken croquettes and the nuggets, and finally the potatoes. These were my impressions and the rest of the guinea pigs that tried them with me:

  • Thighs: Very good overall, made outside and inside, without breaking the outer covering, which sometimes occurs when frying in oil. It misses a little more golden and crisp, but positive feeling.
  • Pasties: not very promising, as they are a bit “dry” view, but well cooked inside and the dough is very crisp. Staining with a little oil before putting them in the fryer helps to alleviate this visual defect.
  • Croquettes: The result rather disappointing, although the fact that they were not intended to prepare the oven may be adversely affected. On the outside they were still white, although they had been made inside.
  • Nuggets: Visually the best result achieved. Crisp and golden on the outside and made homogeneously inside.
  • Fries: Without being all crispy that can be achieved by frying in oil, the result is very good, although we must clarify that once cooked endure less time and get soft before, although given plenty to eat them in their delicious state .
  • Potatoes gajo: More suitable if possible for this type of frying without oil, as its outer crust makes them crunchy while juicy inside.

But not only precooked man lives, and in general the fryer can be used like an oven miniature warming very fast, so we can use it to make conventional chips, or slices, even prepare some chicken wings or Some muslitos … and also desserts. The possibilities are many.

As you can see, the overall experience with the fryer without oil Airis Fry is very good . The decision whether I would be interested to have one at home is different, because I know if I cold enough to make it worth the investment ( can be purchased for 99 euros on Amazon) or the space occupied at home. But if you freis frequently and you want to do it in a more healthy, clean, comfortable and safe, it is a good purchase.

Note: The fryer Fry Airis used in the test has been provided for that purpose by the brand. You can read here our policy of relationship with companies.

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