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At Canalones Mediterránea we offer any type of service for your installation of gutters, gutter designs, according to your needs

In the case of new construction or irreversible problems of your water collection system, Canalones Mediterránea offers a wide range of possibilities for your new installation of gutters and downspouts. We are at the service of Valencia and of all the Valencian Community, to offer our modern continuous aluminum gutters for both your private address and your company.
Although our star product is the continuous aluminum gutter fabricated in situ, we have all kinds of possibilities for the assembly of gutters and downspouts that you want. We have also obtained great results in the installation of gutters of copper and zinc, obtaining finishes with a rustic and traditional touch very to the taste of some of our clients.
In the end, a great variety of solutions that allows us to conform our services to the desire of our customers, managing to translate into reality the installation of gutters and downspouts that they had in mind. Also, you should not worry about your old channels. We withdraw and take your old water collection system with a total commitment to the environment.

Not always the solution to the problems of your installation of gutters and downspouts is in its replacement. Sometimes your water collection system simply needs a cleaning of your gutters, either on a farm or in an industrial warehouse. Canalones Mediterránea offers you the possibility to take care of this clean gutters, regardless of whether it is gutters and downspouts of your private home or the industrial premises of your company.
Other times, your gutters will have other types of problems, such as water leaks or old gutters or rust. Well, our company offers all sorts of alternatives for the repair of your gutters and downspouts. In case of detecting irreparable problems, we offer you the removal of the old installation of gutters and the installation of a new one.

The spout, in addition to avoiding annoying splashes on the terrace or the sidewalk, prevents the facade from getting dirty. It is a valuable artifact, and we should just keep in mind that collect along with water  everything there  on the roof: moss, dust, dirt, but also remains bulkier, from dead plastic bags sparrows, through regular tenants, guilty of most jams:  the leaves of the trees .

The normal maintenance of the gutters is simple and reduced to cleaning to prevent clogging. It will be necessary to do preventive cleaning in autumn and spring, ahead of heavy rains.

How to Clean Roof Troughs

If the gutters are not clean they will make uncomfortable leaving stains on the inside, causing mold growth and other structural problems. This is why I recommend some steps to clean these parts of the house.

The first is that SLEEPING all the dirt that is causing the moisture to stay there and have the carcasses rust, rot and corrode.

In most cases you can remove blocks just with the water pressure , but sometimes a little more difficult and elbows must remove pieces of guttering to remove dirt.

If within the channels no rust, you must remove with a spatula and then coat the entire surface with special roofing cement to not re-oxidize so easily.

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