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10 graphic novels that every designer must know, read and possess

Do not miss the culture of buying and reading a good book, regardless of whether it has the greatest lyrics or the most striking and innovative graphics, what matters is to contribute to promote this activity that certainly increases the intellect of people.

Since 1996, April 23 is celebrated World Book Day with the aim to promote reading, publishing and the protection of intellectual property through copyright.

Today is a very important day, in spite of the fact that the world the percentage of reading and selling books is getting lower, this day tries to educate the people and incite them to return a little to the past where the printed predominated and load With a book in hand or in the bag was to be fashionable, as they say now, reading is sexy.

For industry design , the books remain and stay in the market is important, although currently there are e-books, a book in physical form has an entirely different meaning, is added historical value , Both for its content as for its editorial design and art created exclusively for the covers.

There is a kind of novel that since its inception has captivated for its entertaining format, it is the graphic novel , a controversial term that can refer to both a publishing format, like a modern type of cartoon for adults or readers mature emerged At the end of last century.

To keep you informed and to be a participant of today, Book Day, we give you an alternative of reading, a bit more striking, certainly entertaining and with illustrations that do not leave to the imagination the character of the characters.

These are ten graphic novels that every designer, creative, publicist or artist should know, read and possess:

1. Watchmen

Watchmen is a graphic novel created by writer Alan Moore, artist Dave Gibbons, and colorist John Higgins. The series was published by the American company DC Comics during the years 1986 and 1987 as a limited series of 12 numbers. It is characterized by cult characters such as Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan.

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