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welding creative projects

With the fusion of metal and piecing together the way you want, you can create masterpieces of one-of-a-kind.Even if you are not a professional, it is a way to express your creativity to create interesting and useful articles.Welders can do a variety of things, from art metal useful items you have around the house. If you have creative ideas, you can become reality.

Home Accessories & Furnishings

You can use your skills in welding to make different types of home accessories and furniture. Cut, shape, color or enamel metal to obtain the desired effect. You must make the most of this and use your imagination to create innovative chairs, tables, lamps and other home decor. When finished, color the piece and sprayed with acrylic paint to give a glossy finish and to protect against oxidation.


If you live in a house with garden, you can do many decorations to express your creativity. You may find it interesting to create a fountain in copper and steel, for example, flowers or metallic design to capture rainwater.This project requires flat sheets of steel and copper, a vase of flowers and a variety of tools, such as hammers, hammers and mills. Coloring source the way you want, and also to give someone as a gift. If you are in the greatest things, full of resources for the construction of a gazebo in the backyard. Different metals can be used, but if you do it out of steel, that will last forever if properly maintained.


mini Cars

It is difficult to describe all the things that fall under the category of “art”, but make your own go-kart is an artistic endeavor. If you are creative and willing to accept the challenge, you should try to build one for you. You can use a snowmobile engine 500cc, build a framework, and go-kart is almost ready to go. You should note that construction could take several months, during which a group of people to help be needed. Make a kart requires a lot of material, such as square or round tubes, plates edge angle iron plates, wires, a wooden board, a steering wheel, steering column, Pitman arms and suspenders.

welding Season


Christmas is a time of joy, happiness and gifts. People often try to find original gifts for people who care. Whether you’re a professional welder or just a hobby-welder, you can design your own Christmas gifts. Make crowns horseshoe horseshoes small pony. Paint with black satin paint spray and weld them together to make a circle. If you want to make homemade decorations Christmas, you can do that too. If you decide to make ornaments or decorations in the yard, use your imagination and ingenuity to be appropriate for Christmas.

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Cleaning mirrors must be one of the tasks to be considered in the virtually daily cleaning of a house, but nevertheless tend to overlook. In fact, the mirror performs a decorative function in any room of the home where you are. For this reason, cleaning mirrors is one of the most important.

The tricks you talk about in this post will serve to both cleaning mirrors, glass surfaces or windows, which often accumulate a lot of dust, having a greasy appearance.

Why is it important to clean mirrors for decoration?

Mirrors are an element that clearly serve a decorative function, as well as practical. If most people already have trouble getting up in the morning, imagine waking up and the first thing you do all day is watch you in a murky mirror. The reflection that emits us is how little daunting. It is therefore essential to know some tricks to clean the mirrors, especially those rooms of the house such as the bathroom, because these mirrors are continuously in contact with water, moisturizers, makeup, hairspray hair, handprints and other brands. Following the tricks that we offer on the blog Wayook your mirror will always shining and you feel good when you see reflected in it.

First trick for cleaning mirrors: Vinegar.

For the first trick you’ll need two bowls with water and a bowl with vinegar. Mix the three other large bowls in creating a perfect solution for cleaning mirrors. In the bowl with the mixture ready get wet a cloth or rag, preferably microfiber, as many cloth rags will loose fibers in the solution, making the final result of the cleaning of mirrors is not the one we were looking for. We drain them a bit our cloth and rub the surface of the mirror.

Why add vinegar to the mix? The vinegar helps repel dust, preventing dust particles adhere to the surface of the mirror longer.

After having passed the microfiber cloth dipped in the solution we have done previously, we help of a newspaper or a dry cloth to absorb moisture from the glass and see the results. Perhaps a newspaper rolled like a ball is the best way to remove all moisture and dry mirror.

If cleaning mirrors is to be performed in a bath, the first thing we do is wash with a sponge and soap surface and then apply the mixture of water and vinegar. We must do this first step in cleaning bathroom mirrors because they are surfaces that tend to stain toothpaste, creams and water. Also we spend the newspaper to get a perfect finish.

Second trick for cleaning mirrors: Alcohol.

This time, instead of using vinegar for cleaning mirrors, resort to some isopropyl alcohol, especially if it is cleaning mirrors in the bathroom which, as we have observed, is that more emphasis must be put by being exposed to a greater amount of external agents that constantly dirty.

For this example, you only need a soft cloth and you can also use sheets of newspaper to remove moisture and get that perfect finish costs us achieve both.

You can also substitute alcohol for oral or even some tea very cold rinse. Although alcohol is when those get away with so stubborn stains when carrying out cleaning mirrors, and completely desinfectarás. The other options that we present are also useful, but facing daily cleaning mirrors. When you want to do it in depth use alcohol.


Third trick for cleaning mirrors: Ammonia.

This time we will resort to ammonia. In fact ammonia is one of the best products for cleaning mirrors and also for any type of glass and windows. This is because the ammonia acts as a cleaner and degreaser strong, so the results you get with ammonia cleaning your mirrors will be amazing. Of course, if you are going to use ammonia for cleaning glass, it is desirable that previously you reduce it with a little water. You must pay close attention and be careful throughout the process, since ammonia is an abrasive product.Remember to wear gloves whenever you go to introduce ammonia as a cleaning product in your mirrors.

Fourth trick for cleaning mirrors: Starch.

For our fourth and final tip use starch. With it we can very easily remove dirt and carry out proper cleaning of mirrors. The steps are very simple. First you mix a teaspoon of starch in approximately half liter of hot water. Then Ayudate a sponge or a microfiber cloth to spread the mixture and carry out cleaning of mirrors.Finally, always keep our counsel to dry the moisture of the mirror, use sheets of newspaper, which also will help to absorb the starch. In this case, this example is good for cleaning mirrors we have been trying, but not for those windows that are constantly in contact with the sun, as this would make the mixture to dry too quickly and would not remove the dirt.

Did you find useful our post about cleaning mirrors? Did you have out routines that we wanted to share with you in today’s post for cleaning mirrors in your home? If so far the mirrors were a forgotten part of your house, because you have no excuse to keep them always clean thanks to our advice.

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