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Reports that 70% of vacuum cleaners have a design that prevents their repair

The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has denounced that the design of 70% of vacuum cleaners is an “insurmountable obstacle” for its repair and has also requested that the price of spare parts be lowered so that the arrangements are an option compared to The purchase of a new appliance.

After studying forty models of vacuum cleaners, OCU has asked manufacturers to lower the “high prices” of the parts compared to the “relatively low” prices of the appliances in order to make it an effective option.

It has also concluded that the wearing down of the carbon brushes included in the engine is the main problem detected in the tests of durability that the OCU regularly makes the vacuum cleaners.

Among the models examined, the design has been assessed for easy dismantling or includes standard parts that can be fixed with universal tools, accessibility to information relevant to the repairer, or availability of spare parts.


According to the gosureviews.com, models such as those of Bosch or Siemens are the easiest to repair and those that offer more and better information about its design and the way in which parts can be replaced. In addition, they offer ten years of spare parts availability at European level.

On the contrary, the Nilfisk brand is very complicated to repair by containing fragile parts that break during disassembly, as do those of Dyson, since the user can only repair his defective vacuum cleaner at his official service.

As for the policy of brands with respect to spare parts, most manufacturers offer a period of five years (the minimum required by law), although some brands such as OK from Mediamarkt, Kunft from Worten or Selecline from Alcampo do not Have provided no information on the availability of spare parts after the warranty period.

Design of small and medium bathrooms with ideas, photos and tips

We will learn to maximize space in the  design of the bathroom small size shiny reviews , useful tips and photos can inspire us to make small changes to our bathroom or ongoing project that will surely enhance the overall look of the bathroom and its functionality, let’s see:

Tips for Improving Small Bathroom Design:

  1. It uses light colors in the tiles or ceramics, even in the areas where the painting goes as the ceiling, this is an old trick but always works to give amplitude to the environments and more when it comes to areas as small as the bathroom.
  2. If you place items such as the lavatory, toilet and shower along a wall you can save some money on sanitary facilities.
  3. Do you want a well-lit bathroom ?, although now there is a tendency to make bigger windows, in small bathrooms the most recommended is that it is small, this will allow you to place more elements inside the wall, the lighting can be solved with outbreaks or Fluorescent (daylight) with more watts of power.
  4. If your bathroom is very small do not try to buy large toilets for more that you have liked a lot, it is better to sacrifice this element for functionality.
  5. Preferably choose two colors in the ceramics or have gradients in tones of a single color, the design of small bathroom requires to be also minimalist.
  6. An ideal place to store your towels and other bathroom products is under the sink, in the photos that we post below we show different designs.
  7. Do not over-dimension the small bathroom door, a standard size is 0.65 meters wide, if it is larger you must take into account the turning radius because it can hit the toilets and spoil the good bathroom design.
  8. The transparent tempered glass doors for the shower or tub, give amplitude to the bathroom.
  9. White toilets never went out of fashion, combining them with a good color of ceramics on the floor and walls.
  10. If the small bathroom window does not allow removing odors and moisture, you can install a bathroom exhaust fan, these are inexpensive and can help you save on   repairing walls moisture  and remove odors quickly.

Bathroom design in different models:

Design of bathroom taking advantage of open spaces
In this small bathroom design, partitions have been added in areas free from the wall, but which are properly integrated by the material used, the wood.
Underneath this lavatory has been added a wooden structure that allows to store the towels
Design of sanitary services with quiet walls
This bathroom design allows you to add decorative elements to the quiet walls
Linear bathroom design
The basin, the toilet and the shower are in the same wall as we mentioned in the tip number 2, this allows to save in the sanitary facilities
Hygienic services of dark ceramic
While the design of this small bathroom did not use the light colors in the ceramic, it was contrasted with the white color of the toilets and the white door, the translucent tempered glass also helped to give amplitude.
Dark and white vertical lines on the wall and ceramic with black dots give a different style to this bathroom
The classic never goes out of style and this is demonstrated by this bathroom design, a raised floor tub with chromed legs, as well as the faucets of yesteryear give an elegant touch to this small “big” bathroom.
Very small bathroom design
When we have a very small space and little budget then the ideal is to know where to place each element to maximize space.
Design of a square bath, slots have been left in the wall to add partitions and also to be able to place decorative elements
A large mirror cabinet over the sink and toilet, allow to store large amount of bathroom elements, also has a cabinet or placard elevated under the sink for proper cleaning of the floor.
Making the most of space in a very small bathroom, with partitions under the sink and over the toilet.
This small bathroom is an example of how the hollow walls (hollow) can give us spaces to store both products and decorative elements without failing the spaces. ( Photo )

With all these elements for a correct design of bathroom in small spaces, you can start your project to remodel the one you have at home or start from scratch making online planes .

Bathroom design

I hope these pictures you have inspired so you can make your next project without complications, you can also use the tools of interior design  so you can design your bathroom and have a preview of how stay, do not forget to send photos.

4 Ideas to increase the sale of liquors

Your wine and liquor store can sell a variety of products with a completely proven track record, however, that does not mean they can guarantee you high sales. In this sense every business requires focus on finding new customers for their products and increase the sale of liquor .

In this sense, liquor store managers often make use of a series of tactics or strategies that are worth to increase sales of these products.

That’s why here are a few of them so that you can implement in your own business and know the elements to increase profits  of your business premises.

Offers promotional sales

First of all, you should keep promotional sales as frequent as possible so that your buyers will start to notice. Promotions is one of the aspects to select a store near Seattle from your potential customers. Likewise, it offers different offers of two for one or with some discount in some spirit drink that can cost you less in its wholesale price than if they acquire a more expensive product at the same time.

Likewise, it tries to promote some of your sales in diverse special events like the festivals and celebrations of your locality, as well as different sporting events that are realized. On the other hand, try to connect your promotions to sell liquors and wines with these events. Also, with online promotions you can boost your brand on the market.

Create a reputation as an expert

On the other hand, try to create a reputation for yourself as a supplier who knows wines and liqueurs. In this sense, find intelligent ways that can demonstrate this. If possible, try to get one or two articles published in various local newspapers or pages or websites sonde drink recipes are included, as well as the types of liquors and wines that you are selling.

Another idea for you to create a reputation as an expert is to create a channel on YouTube where you can make the publication of videos of your person by trying different brands or different mixtures of drinks, qualifying them for your target audience. Creating a reputable expert, you will most likely increase the sale of liquor in your store.

Advertise strategically

You must be clear that you should not strongly advertise with the idea or the hope of getting better sales. In this sense, the most convenient is to develop a strategic plan that can allow you to achieve more for your money spent. That’s why it is best to point to brochures, magazines and other media, through which you can find the type of people who are more likely to purchase wines, liquors and beers in larger quantities.

On the other hand, make use of local advertising in the different search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, making use of phrases or keywords that are aimed at a mass market, turns out to be a great idea to achieve the increase of your Sales. Likewise, it is always good to have the idea of advertising any type of promotional event using the same means to do it.

Nice sales design

Finally, a good idea to achieve the increase of the sales of your store is designing the same one in a more attractive way and that it awakens the interest or the tempers of the visitors to buy. In case your establishment is located in a place where it is possible for younger guests to visit, you have the option of creating a festive atmosphere or a festive bar so that buyers can associate with good memories and good moments.

If your store serves a larger market, you should strive to create a stylish, sophisticated and high-quality atmosphere. An attractive place can make impulsive shopping the most likely. Therefore, please focus on producing an excellent design for your tent with you have ample opportunities to increase the sale of liquor of it.

Although owning a liquor store may not be the most glamorous and generally very competitive business, it is a fairly reliable and recession-proof retail business that often has a very significant number of customers That they return.

For this reason, when implementing techniques or new ideas to increase your number of liquor sales, you will most likely increase the number of customers who visit you. You can also do a course of gastronomy or liquors for more information.

Privacy and Security in Social Networks

In recent years, social networks such as Facebook or Twitter have grown rapidly, social networks are very useful to talk to friends that we had not had contact for a long time, or former classmates.

They also allow us to create events to stay or leave, without having to call us all over the phone and therefore, save money on the mobile bill. It also serves to establish new relationships with others, based on shared traits such as communities, hobbies, interests, and circles of friendship.

The advantages of social networks are known by everyone, what few people know, is that privacy and security in social networks, is at odds with the sociability and use that can be given. If we have a profile too strict, we can not communicate friends of our friends and that could harm us “socially”, however if we have an open profile, you can communicate all over the world, see all photos, all comments, The privacy is null but nevertheless the sociability is maximum, just what the people want to get in the social networks.

We must take as a premise that social networks are safe from hacking attacks, because if not this article, I would never end up talking about the big gazapos of all social networks and their null interest in correcting the faults before getting it out to the public , After all, people just want to upload their photos and gossip the profiles of others, nobody is going to stop to think that if you put “user” and the key 10 times (attack brute force) you can follow Putting more and more keys to the good. Or that the Login is done through http on port 80 without any encryption. And not to mention, that the whole session is not coded with all the personal data (ours and others), that circulate through it.

When you tell a friend, you are going to upload photos from the last party to the personal blog with password, it says no, it is safer and better upload it to Tuenti. People rely on social networks, but are not aware of the immense information they collect from around the world. When you upload a photo to Facebook, if you then delete it, it will be removed from the profile, but the photo is left on the Facebook servers as we will see later.

Social networks have grown exponentially, and they store lots of private information from their users and their interactions. This information is private and is aimed at certain individuals. However with all the information they store, it’s no wonder that social networks also attract malicious people, to harass, defame, spam and phishing.

Despite the risks, many access control and privacy mechanisms are weak against these attackers.

In this article we will talk about security and privacy in social networks, and we ask ourselves the question: what should be the objectives of security and privacy designs?

When we evaluate the objectives, we enter into the conflict of privacy against functionality and sociability. There must be a balance between them.

Development of the theme:

Main functionalities of social networks:

There are several differences between social networks and others, but they all have one thing in common: communication with our friends, and also with strangers.

A social network is the digital representation of its users, their social relationships, their photos messages etc.

With this social partner we can create a profile of oneself to maintain social relations with other people who also have a profile, improve the existing relationships between us and also helps us to have new social relationships, based on common interests such as geographic location, activities etc. .

Social networks also provide us with a personal management space for our profile. They allow us, among other things, to create, modify and cancel our profile on this social network. It also allows us to enter content (photos or comments) and edit them, all to improve the relationship with other people, since it is automatically updated in the social network and will be in view of our contacts.

They allow us to manage the list of contacts we have, we can add people with our same tastes, same age, city … to establish a new relationship.

If we have people with whom we no longer speak, or simply because we do not want to have them in our list of friends, we can remove them, and will not have the necessary permissions to continue watching our photos or comments (this if the security settings is for only Friends and not open to the public).

Some social networks also allow groups of people, for example we can create the group friends and put there all our friends with some permissions on our profile. If we create the co-workers group, we may not want these people to see our personal photos, because we apply the necessary permissions so that they can not see them, and have total control over what they see and do not see our contacts.

Communication with others is the main feature of social networks, and we can communicate in various ways. We can put comments on a bulletin board as if it were some kind of blog, these comments will be in sight of the world, we can maintain personal conversation in a public way.

If we want more privacy, we can send private messages, which will only read the owner of the profile in question, is like sending an email, but through the social network.

Another form of communication is “Chat”, which is like a messenger conversation, and can incorporate video call.

Some social networks allow third party applications, and we find for example the (very addictive) games of social networks.

Social networks are not limited to maintaining existing relationships (profiles added to our own profile), but also need (need) to establish contact with more people, and that is where the searcher of social networks comes in, where we will do A global search across the network.

In order to find a user we have to put his name, we can also narrow down his search by country, province, university, college, by company and of course by sex and age. We will be presented with a list of all the people that are coincident, and with the main photo of the profile we will be able to decide if it is the person we are looking for, or else we have been wrong and we must continue searching.

We can also look for people who are “friends of our friends”, is what we call a social cross. We enter your profile and we can see all the people that have added. A user may restrict other people from seeing who they have added, but this removes sociability (in exchange for greater privacy).

The main objective of a social network is sociability, so if we have the profile open so that they can see our friends, we will enhance that sociability, and this is what conflicts with privacy and security.

Social networks can also mask poor relationships. When a user removes from the list of friends of another user, you do not see any notification that you have disaggregated, only appear notifications about relationships that are good. That is, they mask unpleasant events. [5]

Architecture of a social network.

There are two ways in which social networks can work, we have the client-server architecture where the server will be the social network and the clients us. And the other is the peer-to-peer architecture, where the information will be distributed and not centralized, as in the client-server.

Today’s current networks are centralized, based on a client-server architecture. All social network functionalities, such as storing, editing data, maintaining the web, or accessing the services provided by the social network, are offered by the social network itself such as Facebook or Tuenti. This architecture has the advantage of being simple, but at the same time, is weak to attacks, such as denial of service attack. If the information stored on the WEB server is very large, it could cause the so-called bottleneck and that all users navigate very slowly through the social network. That is why there are several servers in each of the countries, several nodes, although they are connected to each other for the exchange of information.

Peer-to-peer architecture could be the next generation of social networking. A decentralized system would be adopted based on the cooperation of each of the members of the network, each user would be a client of the social network and at the same time a server of that social network, therefore data would be stored in our team. Direct exchange of information between devices would be supported, among users who already know each other before. P2P architecture can take advantage of real social networks, and geographical proximity to provide local services, without the need for the Internet. The server would be distributed on each storage node, and we should have a “social relationship” with that node. The main problem with this will be to search globally.

In summary, the client-server architecture requires internet connection to communicate through the centralized server of our social network. On the other hand the P2P would connect locally, since the server role is distributed in each storage node.

Privacy and security in social networks.

To understand the great challenge of balancing security and privacy, with sociability and usability we have to see the main security standards in the network.

  • Confidentiality: requires the information to be accessible only to authorized entities. It is vitally important in social networks because misuse of information could have serious consequences on people’s lives.
  • Integrity (requires information to be modified only by authorized entities).
  • Authentication (the user is really who he claims to be).
  • No repudiation (offer protection to one user against another who denies subsequently that made some communication). [4]

All this applied to social networks.

Data protection is of paramount importance in a social network, as unlawful disclosure and misuse of users’ private information can cause undesirable or detrimental consequences on people’s lives.

But since social networks are not infallible, information often comes out that certain things that should be hidden are not. In April, a Google engineer realized a security breach, and was exactly in the profile of the creator of Facebook [9]

Not only social network administrators should be concerned with the protection of their users’ data, but also with the competent authorities in this field, such as the LOPD, which fines € 300,000 to € 600,000 if someone alters or has access to Personal data without the authorization of the owner of such data [4].

Intimacy in the context of social networks has several points:

  • Anonymity of the user’s identity:

The protection of the real identity of the users, changes depending on which social network we are registered. In social networks like Facebook, people use their own name as a profile, so that it is easier for them to locate users and, above all, to locate them within the social network.

As a social network grows, it becomes totally impossible to control all comments, and the disclosure of these comments runs like gunpowder. In November 2005, four students from the University of Northern Kentucky were fined when the images of a meeting were posted on Facebook. The images, taken in one of the dormitories, were a visual test that the students did not comply with the university’s campus policy. In this example, private affairs were published by themselves [2]. We can not know the scope that is going to have something that we put in the social network.

This can also be extrapolated to Youtube videos, where people, for example, upload their videos exceeding the maximum speed allowed on a road and then get the corresponding complaint from the Civil Guard.

Everything that we put in the network, stays in the network, therefore we must be careful that what we put does not harm us or put us in problematic situations.

However on social networks like Twitter, people can usually put pseudonyms or addresses of your own web page as a profile.

  • Privacy of personal space:

The visibility of the user profile of a social network to another varies, in some networks profiles can be found doing a Google search, such as Facebook or Twitter; However in the social network Tuenti this is not possible, it is totally closed to the people registered on the website.

In this part we also enter profiles that people may or may not see. Depending on one social network or another, the default permissions with public or private. Facebook has a different approach by default, users who are part of the same subnet can view the profiles of others, unless a profile has decided to deny permission to those of its subnet. As we mentioned earlier, most social networks allow you to view the added friends of the profiles we are viewing.

As we have said, in most networks, you can see the list of friends that we have, although there are exceptions either because the social network itself gives you the option to hide the list of friends or because you have hacked the profile so that out.

  • Privacy of the user’s communication:

Apart from the data we provide to social networks, such as our photos, comments etc. A social network user discloses additional data, such as the connection time, the IP address used (and of course, its geographic location), the visited profiles, the received and sent messages, that is, a log of Personal information about what we have done while we were in the social network. All this must be private, remember that an IP address in a space of time is unique, identifies a single person, and it is illegal to publish without the consent of the user.

All this is summarized in the fact that privacy must be present in the social network as well as in the exchange of information (photos, messages etc.), as well as the logs that are registered in the social network.

Unauthorized entities should not know the content of private data sent and received through the social network.

This aspect of data privacy implies the confidentiality of the data and the anonymity of the owners, and there must be an access control. Access to information about a user can only be granted by the user. Nor should the unauthorized entities link the private data to the owner’s profile.

Types of attacks on social networks

Authentication and data integrity is a major task in a social network.

We must bear in mind that most networks are based on preexisting relationships in reality, a profile in the social network, is a person in real life, so social networks should try to make sure that this does not change.

Any attempt to divert an online social model from its corresponding real-life social network will be considered a type of attack and must be detected and corrected.

There are two main “attacks” on social networks:

The first of these is identity theft, which is the biggest problem of social networks. For example an attacker can create fake profiles, another attack is to impersonate the other person to damage it. Also they can be made to happen by famous personages, to slander them or to obtain a benefit. This can damage the reputation of social networks, so in some cases when the legitimacy of the profile is doubted, the person behind this profile must show its authenticity (for example in Tuenti when someone is denounced by false profile, You are asked for the DNI to prove its authenticity, – if you think this is an attack on the privacy of the person if you do not show the DNI, nothing happens, you can always not show it – and delete your profile.

Social networks must comply with bad behavior to be eradicated, because some social networks are used as work tools to help their employees (another requirement is availability, that is, they are always available).

We have two types of attackers:

Internal attackers, who are already registered on the network and appear to be normal users of the social network, but act in a malicious way, for example creating third-party programs to damage the social network, or also attackers from our own wireless network. That is, all those who try to damage the social network from within.

We also find external attackers, intruders, who are not in the social network, but who can damage it with attacks external to servers or infrastructures, such as denial of service.

Design Conflict

As we have said before, there is a conflict between the security and privacy of social networks, and their usability and sociability.

In order to support the social search, it is necessary to show certain information of the different profiles that coincide in one that we have looked for. This occurs both in the global search and in the cross-sectional search.

The more data you display, the search will be more accurate and efficient.

Therefore, we have already re-entered the conflict, if we show more power to find an individual correctly but the privacy of people is in question. However if we do not show very little information, finding someone will be a tedious task.

But this goes beyond the domestic environment, imagine that we cross several profiles and find that two employees of different rival companies are friends. This could lead to problems for them.

The main function of these networks is to facilitate and enhance social interaction. On some occasions, we have the need to create two different profiles, one personal and the other for the job. This is not entirely safe, because if it happens that a work friend and a personal friend are (among them) known. There may be a leak of unwanted information, but this leakage is completely outside the field of action of the person in question because he does not depend, and all the efforts he has made to create two profiles and give the minimum permissions, are not worth to nothing. Apart from that it may take quite some time to find out that there is information circulating on the net.

For example, if a user uses a pseudonym, and then a friend tags a photo with their real name to that pseudonym, it would already be revealing their real identity, so all efforts to protect their privacy would have been in vain.

It is not going to be useful to have a good privacy configuration or if all traffic is encrypted, if we do not think about what can be extracted from everything we put [2].

Privacy Policy

The huge amount of data that is uploaded to social networks, are an important source for social analysis, which can help to see how society evolves, but can also be a great marketing study.

The data collected, can also serve to improve the social network itself, with configurations or complements demanded by users.

As always, we are at a crossroads, improve the system as users want, or bet on privacy, and do not collect this data to protect your privacy. Although we hide the data and in theory, they are anonymous, it is demonstrated that the majority of the real identities of the users can be recovered.

Client-server vs P2P architectures

The client-server architecture has several advantages over the P2P architecture, in meeting one of the main objectives of a social network. Users are not limited to just the relationships they already have but can find former classmates on social networks (as long as they are on the same social network). It is easier to find someone on the social network server, performing a search through a certain series of data such as the name, age or school they were in. Data mining is most effective on a centralized server; however, all data is stored on the servers of the chosen social network, and can be used for different purposes for which they were collected, and thus violate the privacy of the users.

On the other hand, the data stored in the databases of the different social networks can be stolen by hackers, and all the information that exists on all the users can eliminate it, modify it or copy it, for its own benefits.

In May Facebook identified the hacker who had stolen more than 1.5 million accounts and tried to sell them on low-cost hacking forums. As you can see, no social network is completely safe, although security starts with ourselves. [6]

In July, Facebook implemented a button to remove our account, quickly and easily. But everything that glitters is not gold, because in the conditions of use of the service, all the photos and everything that you upload to Facebook, happens to be his property. That is, they may delete your profile, but the photos are still on their servers. [7]

Recently, there has been a new case of deleted photos that are still in the servers. Arstechnica.com, a medium of reference about technology, says that many users have complained about photos that they deleted a long time ago and still continue. What a coincidence, that as soon as the news came out, the photos disappeared by magic. [8]

Although Facebook’s privacy policy ensures that they do not share personal information with companies that advertise in that virtual community, it has said that in some cases they had sent the user name to those advertisers and that it was a bug that was already corrected. [12]

In the P2P architecture security is reinforced because it is not centralized, the server is removed from the central social network, stored by the users themselves, who can encrypt their own data to avoid prying eyes, and also strengthen access control to those data.

In a centralized system, you can also upload the encrypted data, but this is not entirely true, because the social network itself may prohibit you from uploading it in this way, and if there is a vacuum in your conditions, you can always modify its conditions of use. Anyway, they will always know who is related to who based on the IP addresses of users.

A P2P system with data encryption is the best combination of privacy that can be, but the problem is that you can not yet efficiently recreate everything that centralized systems do.

An example of a P2P social network is Diaspora. A Social Network that are finishing to develop four American university students, offer a new concept of social communication, whose first objective is to guarantee the privacy of our data, a very important but apparently insignificant issue. Diaspora will offer a P2P platform, that is, our data do not leave our PCs, which allows us to decide what information we share, with whom and at what point we want to disappear, something that today is almost impossible in client social networks -server like Facebook. [14]

Research Directorates

While completely eliminating design conflicts for networks may be impossible, we need to investigate and explore in other directions.

Some networks, based only on whether we accept others as friends or not, have no middle ground. And this is different in real life.

To capture the maximum aspects of social relations in real life we must include:

  • Types of relationships: they can be classified as friends or companions and then there are so-called “followers”.
  • Confidence: shows the confidence that a user places in his / her companions added either in a specific topic or in everything.
  • Intensity of the interaction between users: it measures the quality and quantity of interactions between the different users.

A relational model can provide the social network with more privacy and security in many ways.

First, it would be sharing different information with our friends and colleagues. We must be careful about possible confusions, and assign certain permissions to each group.

The second is the trust relationships between users, which are not the same. We can not have a binary trust relationship (yes or no), there is always a middle ground. Therefore, if we can not give a proper permit to each situation, we could have a security breach in the relationship.

Finally, the intensity of interaction between users can be as a power for the quality of the relationship, to make private decisions. If two users barely speak, it means they do not want to reveal too much information about them. The intensity of interactions can introduce a new way of characterizing networks.

You have to take into account the complexity of describing a relationship. This is completely impractical for a social network, due to inaccurate and ambiguous descriptions, to evaluate this can have a high computational cost that makes it not feasible.

Recently Facebook has incorporated a number of tools that offer users greater control over their personal information and help them interact with smaller, select circles of friends.

The new ‘group’ feature enables 500 million users to interact in small circles of friends, instead of having photos and personal messages open to family members, friends, high school mates and co-workers in one place.

With groups, Facebook users can now gather your friends in different circles and send messages or exclusive online discussions with its members. [10]

Protect social graphs

The main feature of social networks, is to connect users to each other. The information collected in the social network must be protected. The relationships and connections between different profiles also help protect the social network itself and mitigate attacks on social networks.

A social link, may have been made if a malicious user, gets the trust of a good user of the social network. That attacker, you can gain trust in turn, from another friend of the victim in question, but eventually, they will realize that it is a false identity, because they meet in person. The very nature of networks makes it difficult for attackers to force social ties

In many social networks, it is very easy for a malicious user, to create several false profiles and pretend to be different people. If the social network required to teach the proper identification as the DNI, doing this would be much more complicated. However, the privacy of the users can not be guaranteed with the centralized scheme.

The best we can do in these cases is to use the network of real life relationships to check the identity of a user. The idea is for people to connect and communicate. Although it is very easy to create a nick without revealing your name, it is difficult to change contacts and friends.

Although online social graphs give enormous amounts of trustworthy data to facilitate the design of defense mechanisms, personal social relationships represent a lot of sensitive private information to be misused. The key is to find a way to preserve privacy to use the knowledge of social graphs.

There has been a growing concern when they give too much personal information by the threat of sexual violators, remember that Tuenti allows to become a profile if you are older than 14 years.

Article 13 of the Regulation of development of the LOPD says that they can not have access to a social network those under 14 years. Facebook, for its part, ignores this precept and allows the registration of users claiming to be 13 years old. Tuenti has implemented policies to erase profiles of young people who are detected as under 14 years old. There are no known measures taken in this regard adopted by Facebook. [eleven]

To mitigate design conflicts, we can find and use qualitative properties of real-life social networks. Unlike quantitative properties, qualitative ones can be applied to any social network safe and do not reveal personal information about individual users.

Based on the fact that it is difficult to create social links between honest and other non-honest nodes, a new defense scheme is proposed against attacks by malicious users. The idea is that malicious users create too many non-honest nodes, the social graph becomes strange because it has a small cut-off ratio, that is, a small set of social links (the edges of the attack) whose removal disconnects a large number of nodes (All non-honest nodes) from the rest of the graph. On the other hand, real-life networks do not tend to have these cuts (qualitative ownership of networks). Using a special type of arbitrary verifiable path in the online social graph and intersections between those paths, the small cut-off ratio can be identified and the number of non-honest nodes can be jumped accordingly. We believe that more and more qualitative techniques of social networks, combined with cryptographic techniques that preserve privacy, can be used to design new security mechanisms for networks without compromising user privacy.


We have commented on security and privacy designs in online social networks by pointing out a few research directions to mitigate design conflicts between the different designs and the goals of the networks.

However, a final solution will require experts in social science and network security communities, regulatory bodies, and other relevant communities to make decisions on political and security mechanisms.

Users are not aware that their comments can reach anyone on the social network, we must have an intimacy. Usually the more contacts you have, the more popular you are, and therefore you have more influence. Everything you put on the social network will see many more people, and sure many of them do not even know them personally [3].

Any user of the social network, can take all the information we have and use it in the near future to do us harm. The best thing would be not to be in any social network online, thus we would not have any problem of either privacy or internet security. Personal things are, as the same word indicates, “personal”, “private”, and not to be posted on an internet board in the face of everyone as if it were an advertisement. You can check DeltaNet about personal information security.

The job layoffs by inappropriate behavior on social networks are increasing day by day, because companies are increasingly aware of what their employees or candidates published in them, as a matter of image and reputation but also security. [13]

The security and privacy in the social network, begins with us, for the contents that we upload and the permissions that we grant.

Social networks will continue to innovate, creating new designs, but hopefully also focus a lot on security, and above all, the privacy of its users.

The 5 Best Bottles Of The Market: The Advantages Of Having A Steam Cleaner

Buying good tools for cleaning our home, does not have to be expensive. You can find a  cheap steam cleaner and good quality, without having to look both, or lose your money.11

These steam cleaners are excellent for removing the most difficult dirt or grease, leaving your home with a pleasant clean smell. Ideal if you have pets at home, or if you are allergic to dust or chemicals.

If you want to have one of these practical gadgets, we will tell you everything about them and also tell you which is the best or the cheapest, depending on what you are needing.


How does the vaporeta work?

The incredible thing about these machines is their simplicity and the effectiveness of their work, as they give off hot steam that will help you to clean and disinfect your home completely, eliminating mites and bacteria quickly, ecologically and economically.


The advantages of buying a vaporeta

The main advantage of acquiring a vaporeta is in saving. No longer we spend so much money on products
11chemicals such as soaps or disinfectants, plus also features water savings we will have to clean up .

They have the ability to sanitize almost any surface in a very short time and the best thing is that we can be sure that everything will be really clean, without germs or mites, also helping to prevent diseases.

Many of these machines do not need detergent unless their design so indicates, and are more powerful and effective than any ordinary vacuum cleaner, making it much easier to clean our home.

If you are already determined to buy one but you do not know which one to buy, then we will present you a great selection specially made for you.


The 5 best vaporetas of the market

Today, with all the variety of products on the market you can find many of these machines in all sizes, models and some with different functionalities.

But how do we know which one is right for us?

Simple details like a cable too short or a very heavy device can make your purchase a waste of time and money, and we really do not need this to happen to us.

So to help you make a good purchase that suits your budget, we will present five very convincing options that will guide you when investing your money Let’s get started!


Kärcher SC 2500

Kärcher is among the favorite cleaners, offering versatility, power and hygiene in a single machine very easy to handle.



  • You can regulate the steam to two stages, depending on the surface you need to clean
  • It comes with several useful accessories, such as a cleaning cloth and a floor nozzle for easy performance
  • It eliminates 99.9% of bacteria thanks to its vapor pressure of 3.2 bar
  • It has insertion devices for steam pipes and an ergonomic steam gun


  • It is quite light
  • Its double deposit allows you to use it continuously without waiting time
  • Works for all types of surfaces.


  • It is recommended for domestic use, not for industrial use, as it does not have as much pressure.

Kärcher SC 1020

Another great tool Kärcher that will help you to clean large spaces in a short time and with very good results.




  • 1 liter boiler capacity for cleaning large surfaces
  • It has a special nozzle for floors that will make your work easier
  • Comes with the right accessories for a more optimal cleaning


  • It has a good distribution of water which will make your work much easier
  • It is too practical to carry since it only weighs 3kg
  • Ideal if you are looking for a cheap and very good quality vaporeta


  • Your warm-up time is 8 minutes, so you’ll have to wait a little

Polti Vaporetto Xsteam

Novel Polti, very practical and light. Its effectiveness against mites has been certified by the University of Cambridge and Lyon Hospital.




  • It has a security plug and ample space to store your accessories
  • It expels a steam of 120 ° that will eliminate any colony of bacteria
  • Includes cloths, covers, large brush, window cleaner chassis and much more accessories


  • Its large deposit allows you to use it for a long time
  • It is very light and easy to handle
  • Recommended for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms


  • You may not have enough power for surfaces that are too dirty or stained

Vileda Steam

Vileda, experts in household products, presents us with a very efficient cleaner, ergonomically designed and at a very affordable price.




  • It has a tank for 400ml of water
  • It is very practical and heats up fast: It will be ready in just 15 seconds
  • Its head is triangular in shape, excellent for reaching the most difficult places
  • Designed with microfiber suede for deep cleaning


  • It is a very practical and cheap vaporeta, if you are looking for comfort and savings
  • Quite comfortable and easy to use
  • It has good power to clean all types of tiles


  • Its cable is a little short to cover very long distances

Polti Vaporetto Go

Classic Polti that offers us excellent value for money and will help us clean more easily almost any surface.




  • It has an anti-spill locking cap and a valve to release pressure in the boiler
  • It gives you the ability to regulate steam with a maximum pressure of 3.5 bar
  • It has an ample compartment to store the included accessories


  • This vaporeta stands out for its low price and accessibility
  • Very light and easy to assemble, move and disarm
  • It is the best tool for tiles, windows, furniture and even cabinets


  • Not recommended for large spaces, if you intend to clean everything in a single day.

How do fryers work without oil? We tried the Design and appearance of Airis Fry

Since the first machines that promised to fry without oil appeared more than four years ago, my intrigue towards these devices has only grown. It is not that I am a declared “fry” fan and fried precooked, but I found it interesting that of fry without oil and making the process cleaner and healthier.

To my fortune, I have had the opportunity to test a unit Airis Fry and find out first hand what such fryers operate without oil , if they are true all the benefits advertised and whether or not worth having one in the kitchen. Quieres leer todo el artículo?

Design and appearance of the Airis Fry

The design and appearance of the Airis Fry is very similar to that of other similar fryers, such as Philips Air Fryer , which hardly distinguished by the location of the controls.


It is a device with an attractive design, glossy plastic, but it occupies a negligible volume on the kitchen counter , but not much more than a conventional fryer. Of course, as we will see later, it is much cleaner to use and maintain.

In addition to the two control wheels that are seen on the front, where we handle the temperature and the cooking time, the fryer includes a small container in which we must place the ingredients. This container also has a small removable basket for convenience when loading and removing food.

Friendo without oil

Fry without oil can not be easier , because in reality these fryers are not much more than miniature ovens, combining the action of a grill with hot air circulating at high speed. So, we simply have to select the desired temperature and time and let it do its magic.


Cooking times vary depending on product type and size, being in some cases advisable to briefly shake the basket in the middle of “frying”, while in others is well add a few drops of oil to the process. In the instructions we find the approximate times for each type of food, around the majority between 10 and 15 minutes, and usually coinciding with the times indicated in the bag for the preparation in the oven, with the advantage that no need Wait for it to warm up and, as we shall see, the result is more satisfactory.

Another highlight is the cleanliness . No splashes, no fumes, no smells, no dirty oils or anything. You just have to wipe it and scrub the basket from time to time. Nor should we forget safety (there is no risk of splash burn) and the savings of not using oil every time we want to fry some potatoes, as well as the fact that cooking without fat provides an extra healthy.

How about the fried without oil?

This is the million dollar question: How are fried without oil? Well, although I will tell you my different tests, they are generally quite well, especially emphasizing that we avoid that unpleasant oily feeling inevitable when frying conventionally. In return, perhaps we lose a point of crisp and another point of the flavor that the oil brings. But let us go to the tangible.


To test the fryers without oil I decided to go through the frozen section of the supermarket and get some of everything: crab muslitos, fries of various types, empanadillas, croquettes and chicken nuggets. Most included the option of baking, except croquettes.

Depending on the type of food and the cooking time, I prepared them in different batches. First the tuna dumplings and the sea muslitos, then the chicken croquettes and the nuggets, and finally the potatoes. These were my impressions and the rest of the guinea pigs that tried them with me:

  • Thighs: Very good overall, made outside and inside, without breaking the outer covering, which sometimes occurs when frying in oil. It misses a little more golden and crisp, but positive feeling.
  • Pasties: not very promising, as they are a bit “dry” view, but well cooked inside and the dough is very crisp. Staining with a little oil before putting them in the fryer helps to alleviate this visual defect.
  • Croquettes: The result rather disappointing, although the fact that they were not intended to prepare the oven may be adversely affected. On the outside they were still white, although they had been made inside.
  • Nuggets: Visually the best result achieved. Crisp and golden on the outside and made homogeneously inside.
  • Fries: Without being all crispy that can be achieved by frying in oil, the result is very good, although we must clarify that once cooked endure less time and get soft before, although given plenty to eat them in their delicious state .
  • Potatoes gajo: More suitable if possible for this type of frying without oil, as its outer crust makes them crunchy while juicy inside.

But not only precooked man lives, and in general the fryer can be used like an oven miniature warming very fast, so we can use it to make conventional chips, or slices, even prepare some chicken wings or Some muslitos … and also desserts. The possibilities are many.

As you can see, the overall experience with the fryer without oil Airis Fry is very good . The decision whether I would be interested to have one at home is different, because I know if I cold enough to make it worth the investment ( can be purchased for 99 euros on Amazon) or the space occupied at home. But if you freis frequently and you want to do it in a more healthy, clean, comfortable and safe, it is a good purchase.

Note: The fryer Fry Airis used in the test has been provided for that purpose by the brand. You can read here our policy of relationship with companies.

Keys to designing a garden

A few weeks ago, in the interview couch blog he made me, asked me to share with you small clues on how to deal with the task of designing something as personal as your garden.

Therefore, during these weeks I will share with you reflections and advice so that you can organize an outdoor space according to your requirements, whether in a single-family home, terrace, attic or a small gallery. Every corner is good to start working in our garden designer melbourne.

Let me start by talking about two essential concepts and two examples of contrasting gardens. The idea is that even if there exist different models of gardens, you can acquire strategies to reflect on them understanding what qualities each contribute to the landscaping project.

For this, as I said, it is imperative to understand that:

  1. Every garden project needs a global project. Even if it is built in several years, small modifications or changes in the initial project appear.
  2. The design of a garden is based on one or more concepts in which the landscapers melbourne and its relationship with the environment, plasticity, nuances, senses or scenography determine how to act on it. To do this we must educate the senses to decipher each type that gives us when inhabiting the garden.

In this case I chose two very different types, the garden of perennials and the Grenadian “Carmen” as a paradigm of the Mediterranean garden.

The perennial gardens are gardens of dry meadow and vivacious plant that work with the subtle idea of the natural landscape like independent garden. They tell us about wild gardens where nature is more beautiful when less manipulated, less dominated. Although the truth is that they are gardens that require the care and care of a master gardener who understands the plant and its relationship with the rest of the garden. In this sense designing a perennial garden does not consist exclusively in the choice and planting of the species, but it entails a rigorous care throughout the year. I know that there are numerous dry meadows with almost nonexistent care, but when we talk about the private garden and an interesting selection of perennials, intensive care from my point of view is imperative.

In contrast the Mediterranean garden is configured differently. Beyond the choice of the plant, its care or climate, what really differentiates one other type of garden is the concept of landscape built vs landscape introduced. The Mediterranean garden has historically been characterized by a manipulated garden that has built a new scenery within the dwelling. They are gardens in which the main elements, such as the use of water sheets, fountains, shade trees, aromas, etc. Have the function of improving the habitability of space, sometimes created subtle atmospheres between the interior and exterior. The paradigm of this type of gardens we have in the Carmenes, gardens that place their vegetation in the limits, creating shady and thermally pleasant spaces, where shrub beds more or less trimmed, logical geometries and the use of artificial elements form a New scenery On the contrary the perennial garden functions as a cut of native landscape and introduces the surrounding nature in the home. They are autonomous gardens, that although being artificial pretend to maintain the essence of the natural like beautiful. Of course these gardens are also set around flower beds and geometries, but their way of relating to the landscape is different. The look is different.

As I see it, reading each typology and understanding how they work, is the first project tool to design a complex and interesting garden.


10 graphic novels that every designer must know, read and possess

Do not miss the culture of buying and reading a good book, regardless of whether it has the greatest lyrics or the most striking and innovative graphics, what matters is to contribute to promote this activity that certainly increases the intellect of people.

Since 1996, April 23 is celebrated World Book Day with the aim to promote reading, publishing and the protection of intellectual property through copyright.

Today is a very important day, in spite of the fact that the world the percentage of reading and selling books is getting lower, this day tries to educate the people and incite them to return a little to the past where the printed predominated and load With a book in hand or in the bag was to be fashionable, as they say now, reading is sexy.

For industry design , the books remain and stay in the market is important, although currently there are e-books, a book in physical form has an entirely different meaning, is added historical value , Both for its content as for its editorial design and art created exclusively for the covers.

There is a kind of novel that since its inception has captivated for its entertaining format, it is the graphic novel , a controversial term that can refer to both a publishing format, like a modern type of cartoon for adults or readers mature emerged At the end of last century.

To keep you informed and to be a participant of today, Book Day, we give you an alternative of reading, a bit more striking, certainly entertaining and with illustrations that do not leave to the imagination the character of the characters.

These are ten graphic novels that every designer, creative, publicist or artist should know, read and possess:

1. Watchmen

Watchmen is a graphic novel created by writer Alan Moore, artist Dave Gibbons, and colorist John Higgins. The series was published by the American company DC Comics during the years 1986 and 1987 as a limited series of 12 numbers. It is characterized by cult characters such as Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan.

At Canalones Mediterránea we offer any type of service for your installation of gutters, gutter designs, according to your needs

In the case of new construction or irreversible problems of your water collection system, Canalones Mediterránea offers a wide range of possibilities for your new installation of gutters and downspouts. We are at the service of Valencia and of all the Valencian Community, to offer our modern continuous aluminum gutters for both your private address and your company.
Although our star product is the continuous aluminum gutter fabricated in situ, we have all kinds of possibilities for the assembly of gutters and downspouts that you want. We have also obtained great results in the installation of gutters of copper and zinc, obtaining finishes with a rustic and traditional touch very to the taste of some of our clients.
In the end, a great variety of solutions that allows us to conform our services to the desire of our customers, managing to translate into reality the installation of gutters and downspouts that they had in mind. Also, you should not worry about your old channels. We withdraw and take your old water collection system with a total commitment to the environment.

Not always the solution to the problems of your installation of gutters and downspouts is in its replacement. Sometimes your water collection system simply needs a cleaning of your gutters, either on a farm or in an industrial warehouse. Canalones Mediterránea offers you the possibility to take care of this clean gutters, regardless of whether it is gutters and downspouts of your private home or the industrial premises of your company.
Other times, your gutters will have other types of problems, such as water leaks or old gutters or rust. Well, our company offers all sorts of alternatives for the repair of your gutters and downspouts. In case of detecting irreparable problems, we offer you the removal of the old installation of gutters and the installation of a new one.

The spout, in addition to avoiding annoying splashes on the terrace or the sidewalk, prevents the facade from getting dirty. It is a valuable artifact, and we should just keep in mind that collect along with water  everything there  on the roof: moss, dust, dirt, but also remains bulkier, from dead plastic bags sparrows, through regular tenants, guilty of most jams:  the leaves of the trees .

The normal maintenance of the gutters is simple and reduced to cleaning to prevent clogging. It will be necessary to do preventive cleaning in autumn and spring, ahead of heavy rains.

How to Clean Roof Troughs

If the gutters are not clean they will make uncomfortable leaving stains on the inside, causing mold growth and other structural problems. This is why I recommend some steps to clean these parts of the house.

The first is that SLEEPING all the dirt that is causing the moisture to stay there and have the carcasses rust, rot and corrode.

In most cases you can remove blocks just with the water pressure , but sometimes a little more difficult and elbows must remove pieces of guttering to remove dirt.

If within the channels no rust, you must remove with a spatula and then coat the entire surface with special roofing cement to not re-oxidize so easily.

welding creative projects

With the fusion of metal and piecing together the way you want, you can create masterpieces of one-of-a-kind.Even if you are not a professional, it is a way to express your creativity to create interesting and useful articles.Welders can do a variety of things, from art metal useful items you have around the house. If you have creative ideas, you can become reality.

Home Accessories & Furnishings

You can use your skills in welding to make different types of home accessories and furniture. Cut, shape, color or enamel metal to obtain the desired effect. You must make the most of this and use your imagination to create innovative chairs, tables, lamps and other home decor. When finished, color the piece and sprayed with acrylic paint to give a glossy finish and to protect against oxidation.


If you live in a house with garden, you can do many decorations to express your creativity. You may find it interesting to create a fountain in copper and steel, for example, flowers or metallic design to capture rainwater.This project requires flat sheets of steel and copper, a vase of flowers and a variety of tools, such as hammers, hammers and mills. Coloring source the way you want, and also to give someone as a gift. If you are in the greatest things, full of resources for the construction of a gazebo in the backyard. Different metals can be used, but if you do it out of steel, that will last forever if properly maintained.


mini Cars

It is difficult to describe all the things that fall under the category of “art”, but make your own go-kart is an artistic endeavor. If you are creative and willing to accept the challenge, you should try to build one for you. You can use a snowmobile engine 500cc, build a framework, and go-kart is almost ready to go. You should note that construction could take several months, during which a group of people to help be needed. Make a kart requires a lot of material, such as square or round tubes, plates edge angle iron plates, wires, a wooden board, a steering wheel, steering column, Pitman arms and suspenders.

welding Season


Christmas is a time of joy, happiness and gifts. People often try to find original gifts for people who care. Whether you’re a professional welder or just a hobby-welder, you can design your own Christmas gifts. Make crowns horseshoe horseshoes small pony. Paint with black satin paint spray and weld them together to make a circle. If you want to make homemade decorations Christmas, you can do that too. If you decide to make ornaments or decorations in the yard, use your imagination and ingenuity to be appropriate for Christmas.

Interested? Visit here Safenclean.


Cleaning mirrors must be one of the tasks to be considered in the virtually daily cleaning of a house, but nevertheless tend to overlook. In fact, the mirror performs a decorative function in any room of the home where you are. For this reason, cleaning mirrors is one of the most important.

The tricks you talk about in this post will serve to both cleaning mirrors, glass surfaces or windows, which often accumulate a lot of dust, having a greasy appearance.

Why is it important to clean mirrors for decoration?

Mirrors are an element that clearly serve a decorative function, as well as practical. If most people already have trouble getting up in the morning, imagine waking up and the first thing you do all day is watch you in a murky mirror. The reflection that emits us is how little daunting. It is therefore essential to know some tricks to clean the mirrors, especially those rooms of the house such as the bathroom, because these mirrors are continuously in contact with water, moisturizers, makeup, hairspray hair, handprints and other brands. Following the tricks that we offer on the blog Wayook your mirror will always shining and you feel good when you see reflected in it.

First trick for cleaning mirrors: Vinegar.

For the first trick you’ll need two bowls with water and a bowl with vinegar. Mix the three other large bowls in creating a perfect solution for cleaning mirrors. In the bowl with the mixture ready get wet a cloth or rag, preferably microfiber, as many cloth rags will loose fibers in the solution, making the final result of the cleaning of mirrors is not the one we were looking for. We drain them a bit our cloth and rub the surface of the mirror.

Why add vinegar to the mix? The vinegar helps repel dust, preventing dust particles adhere to the surface of the mirror longer.

After having passed the microfiber cloth dipped in the solution we have done previously, we help of a newspaper or a dry cloth to absorb moisture from the glass and see the results. Perhaps a newspaper rolled like a ball is the best way to remove all moisture and dry mirror.

If cleaning mirrors is to be performed in a bath, the first thing we do is wash with a sponge and soap surface and then apply the mixture of water and vinegar. We must do this first step in cleaning bathroom mirrors because they are surfaces that tend to stain toothpaste, creams and water. Also we spend the newspaper to get a perfect finish.

Second trick for cleaning mirrors: Alcohol.

This time, instead of using vinegar for cleaning mirrors, resort to some isopropyl alcohol, especially if it is cleaning mirrors in the bathroom which, as we have observed, is that more emphasis must be put by being exposed to a greater amount of external agents that constantly dirty.

For this example, you only need a soft cloth and you can also use sheets of newspaper to remove moisture and get that perfect finish costs us achieve both.

You can also substitute alcohol for oral or even some tea very cold rinse. Although alcohol is when those get away with so stubborn stains when carrying out cleaning mirrors, and completely desinfectarás. The other options that we present are also useful, but facing daily cleaning mirrors. When you want to do it in depth use alcohol.


Third trick for cleaning mirrors: Ammonia.

This time we will resort to ammonia. In fact ammonia is one of the best products for cleaning mirrors and also for any type of glass and windows. This is because the ammonia acts as a cleaner and degreaser strong, so the results you get with ammonia cleaning your mirrors will be amazing. Of course, if you are going to use ammonia for cleaning glass, it is desirable that previously you reduce it with a little water. You must pay close attention and be careful throughout the process, since ammonia is an abrasive product.Remember to wear gloves whenever you go to introduce ammonia as a cleaning product in your mirrors.

Fourth trick for cleaning mirrors: Starch.

For our fourth and final tip use starch. With it we can very easily remove dirt and carry out proper cleaning of mirrors. The steps are very simple. First you mix a teaspoon of starch in approximately half liter of hot water. Then Ayudate a sponge or a microfiber cloth to spread the mixture and carry out cleaning of mirrors.Finally, always keep our counsel to dry the moisture of the mirror, use sheets of newspaper, which also will help to absorb the starch. In this case, this example is good for cleaning mirrors we have been trying, but not for those windows that are constantly in contact with the sun, as this would make the mixture to dry too quickly and would not remove the dirt.

Did you find useful our post about cleaning mirrors? Did you have out routines that we wanted to share with you in today’s post for cleaning mirrors in your home? If so far the mirrors were a forgotten part of your house, because you have no excuse to keep them always clean thanks to our advice.

We also want to help by offering the best price Cleaning at trueclarity or in other cities like Valencia, Madrid … No matter where you are, Wayook will help you enjoy your free time with the best professionals in domestic service.

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